Monday, 18 July 2016

Your Legacy, DAST’s Future

It is both sad and heartlifting when DAST are sent notification of a legacy. We recently learned that we had been left 10% of the estate of Mr H, and a fixed sum from Mr P. Of course we were sad to hear of their passing. Because we visit people that we help in their homes; and meet them at our events, it is a sombre moment to discover that someone’s own personal battle with asbestos is over.

But this is tempered with the knowledge that they have entrusted DAST with part of their estate. It is an honour to find that a person really believed in the work that we do, and knew that by supporting us, we will give real help to others – and keep on pushing for greater awareness of asbestos and Mesothelioma. It is a ray of sunshine hitting the office.

These two legacies come at a time when we are seeking donations towards several events. There is Mesothelioma in the Midlands and the DAST conference. But we are also planning an event in Lincoln this November, where we will project the names of those affected by Mesothelioma, as we did in Derby some years back. We are also looking into an official launch of the asbestos in schools project.

We are proposing to use Mr H and Mr P’s legacies towards our Lincoln event. It feels appropriate to put the money to use within their home county, where we will be warning others of the deadly effects of asbestos exposure.

As a small, tightly run charity, we can ensure that any legacy is spent in this way and doesn’t just disappear into general running costs.

If you would like to know more, we have legacy information sheets.  You can download these from our website – or we can post/email them out on request.

The Derby Cathedral Projection

Click here to visit our website and download legacy information

Friday, 15 July 2016

Walk a Mile With Your Mates

Our Walk a Mile for Mesothelioma event is fast becoming an established part of the DAST calendar. We chose to launch it in 2014 for the following reasons:

·        To get people talking about Mesothelioma by organising small local events and telling others why they are doing it
·        To encourage those suffering from Mesothelioma to do some gentle exercise – this is encouraged by medical professionals in order to try and combat stress and fatigue
·        To increase awareness of DAST and the need for our work – as well as to raise funds to enable us to deliver our service

DAST workers and volunteers will again be walking their mile at Nottingham’s Forest Recreation Ground. Anyone is welcome to come along and join us. It has been wonderful over the past two years to see families and pets and to have a chat while we circuit the park.

Gorgeous Dandelion joined us last year
We will be there on Friday 9th September from 11.00am. We will travel by train and tram (there is a tramstop right outside the park) but there is also a large car park.

If you are unable to join us we would love it if you could organise your own walk in September.  We have a sponsor pack available containing sponsor forms, pens, a T shirt and guidelines for contacting your local press.

We would welcome walks organised by small/local businesses. Perhaps a sponsored walk could be arranged at lunchtime or after work (a short hike to the pub, maybe…) In return for your company’s support we can put the name on our website list of organisation/company supporters and show your photos on all our social media sites and publications. Check out the current list here:

Show your support for asbestos support!