Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Asbestos in Schools Update

Our Asbestos in Schools project is taking shape and will be ready within the next few weeks. Funding has now been secured from the trade unions Unite, UCATT and ATL, along with donations from the Cowley Family and Linda Reinstein’s Asbestos Disease Awareness Organisation.

As with the Asbestos in the Home project, the focus will be on an interactive computer programme.  This will give a virtual guided tour around typical school buildings, highlighting the areas where asbestos might be found. This programme can be shown on a large screen at events – but most importantly it will be saved onto usb sticks and distributed to schools and teachers. The programme can then be used in staff rooms during training sessions, or viewed by teachers individually.

There will also be an accompanying booklet and a launch event to be held during the school holidays.  We really hope that through this work, we can save lives.  There are currently over 400 schools in the county of Derbyshire alone which still contain asbestos and the workforce urgently need to be informed on how best to protect themselves and their pupils.

The programme is being given the finishing touches by Derby Quad – here’s a taster:

 If you know of anyone who works in a school, and who might like to get involved in raising awareness of the project, please ask them to contact us on mail@asbestossupport.co.uk

You can also make an online donation by visiting our page on https://secure.thebiggive.org.uk/projects/view/22886/asbestos-in-schools-awareness-project-(asap)

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  1. I am a teacher and active in my union (NUT). I have spoken to our national president about this and I'd like to know what particular things I can ask my union to support, ie donations but more importantly, what can they do to help you to get your message out there?