Monday, 8 August 2016

Donate to DAST Without Giving Money!

 Here at DAST we collect several used items which we can magically turn into money to help pay for our services!

·        Old and foreign money. This is the new addition to our recycling programme.  Please consider having a collection of all that spare change that you and your friends might bring back from your holidays abroad.

·        Postage stamps. If you can, please cut these out leaving a border of 0.5cm – 1cm. Do you know a workplace office that can save stamps for us?

·        HP ink cartridges

·        Mobile phones

·        Any unwanted gift that would look good on our raffle table, or that we can sell on ebay.

·        Handmade items for our craft stalls

If you are coming to one of our future events, then it is easiest to bring your donations along then. Or if you are in the Chesterfield area, then you are welcome to pop onto the office on Glumangate.

Otherwise, we can accept most things through the post – except mobile phones. Royal Mail are no longer allowing these into their system so these do need to be handed in in person.

Please think about DAST before throwing any of these things out!

Visit the fundraising page on our website here

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